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Meet the Faculty

Chris Latiolais is the Director for the Critical Theory Concentration.

Max G. Cherem

Phone: 269.337.7077
Email: max.cherem@kzoo.edu

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Jennifer Einspahr

Phone: 269.337.7059
Email: jennifer.einspahr@kzoo.edu

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Adriana Garriga-Lopez

Phone: 269.337.7363
Email: adriana.garriga-lopez@kzoo.edu

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Alison Geist

Phone: 269.337.7432
Email: alison.geist@kzoo.edu

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Gary Gregg

Phone: 269.337.7069
Email: gary.gregg@kzoo.edu

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Christine Hahn

Phone: 269.337.7527
Email: christine.hahn@kzoo.edu

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Amelia Katanski

Phone: 269.337.7045
Email: amelia.katanski@kzoo.edu

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Christopher Latiolais

Phone: 269.337.7076
Email: christopher.latiolais@kzoo.edu

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Babli Sinha

Phone: 269.337.7075
Email: babli.sinha@kzoo.edu

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